Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting in Phoenix

Tree Crown Lifting includes the removal of lower branches with the completion result being to raise the elevation of the base of the crown. This may be accomplished to enhance the clearance in between the ground and the reduced branches in order to: Enable accessibility listed below the tree, specifically lorries. (In the US, highways guidelines state that the clearance over a highway need to be 5.2 meters and 2.5 meters over a footway) To assist in improving light levels Aesthetically improve the tree by producing a balanced reduced crown Eliminate disturbance with structures or property such s fences, telephone lines, etc When crown lifting trees, large key branches expanding straight from the trunk needs to be left as removing them can create huge injuries potentially causing decay. Likewise, crown training on older, mature trees must be limited to additional branches to reduce tension as well as reduce healing time. It is feasible to crown lift a tree too much, ideal guidance needs to be looked for regarding each specific circumstances of such job to regard if it is appropriate.

The US standard for tree functions recommends that crown training is limited to no than 15% of the online crown elevation in order to leave the crown at least two-thirds of the complete elevation of the tree.

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