Deadwood Removal

Deadwood Removal in Phoenix

Why remove deadwood from your tree?
This process is completed to prevent any issues with falling debris and is therefore normally completed in high-risk areas such as over roads/footpaths, in gardens, or in public locations. It involves climbing around the entire canopy of a tree to remove dead branches that will degrade and eventually fall. It may be completed to different specifications (such as large pieces only).

Deadwood can remain safe for long periods on trees with a high degree of heartwood such as oak and provides important habitat for wildlife. If possible, therefore, Heritage Arboriculture is a proponent of leaving some natural dead tissue in the crowns of trees where it is appropriate and safe to do so. Dead trees may even be made safe by reducing the size of the crown and being allowed to decay naturally and safely.

Removal of deadwood is completed as part of a Crown Reduction or Crown Thinning operations.

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