Palm Tree Removal

Palm Tree Removal in Phoenix

Do you have a palm tree on your residential or commercial property that needs to be removed?
Then you will require somebody that can cut that palm tree down for you.

Unlike various other types of landscape design and landscape maintenance services, palm tree removal is a service that needs to be executed by a team of experienced specialists.

Each year many get hurt due to falling trees and branches with victims suffering from minor cuts and swellings to major injuries or death. According to some sources, palm tree removal is about ten times more dangerous than the average tree felling due to the nature of the palm tree having no branches until the very top and because they can grow over 100 feet tall.


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Don’t even think about doing it yourself because palm trees are very heavy and just hacking away at the bottom, much like jack did with the beanstalk, can cause it to just collapse. If it lands on any property, expect it to be destroyed or badly damaged due to the tree’s weight.

This is why you need to employ a reliable and trusted tree removal contractor to remove it for you the safest method they know-how.

Also, what are your plans with the entire palm tree once you have cut the tree down?
Since we are specialist palm tree removal experts, just give us a call and not only will we chop it down for you but also dispose of it properly, in an environmentally friendly way. We will probably cut it down into smaller pieces and donate them to community gardens and farms where they can use it as fertilizer.

Employing a skilled, accredited tree company such as Phoenix Tree Removal will make your life so much easier and stress-free regarding your palm tree removal. We will certainly guarantee that your property won’t be affected by any falling trees and that the entire removal process will be carried out in a safe and secure way.

We also offer yearly tree maintenance and trimming services for your palm trees. Certain palm tree species need to be skinned periodically to maintain their health, and we can gladly do this for you regularly.

If you have any questions regarding palm tree removals or palm tree maintenance in Phoenix, give us a call today.

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So call us today if you have an unsightly stump in your garden that needs to be removed. We will take care of it for you.

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