Tree stump removal & grinding

Tree stump removal & grinding in Phoenix

Tree Stump Removal is an extremely critical service we can provide.
Tree stumps can make your garden look like a barren wasteland and unattractive. They get in the way of a perfect lawn, and they can also harbor termites that can invade your house.

If for whatever reason, you’ve already cut down a tree or two in your garden, you’ll only have a stump or two left in the field before all is said and finished. And if the tree is dead, many people forget that the roots will still be there, under the earth.

When you’ve got big trees, big roots that can grow all over and below your yard, these roots will progressively impact the pipelines, whether they be water, gas, or contact lines.
This is why stump removal needs to be done immediately.

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There are traditionally a variety of options when it’s time to remove the stump. These include burning it, cutting it, digging it out, poisoning it, and even trying to pull it out using your truck! But our experts at Phoenix Tree Removal will use the professional and efficient grinding process wherein the entire stump is ground down – even the part of the stump under the ground, and sliced into little chips or mulch.

If your stump is in a tough spot to get to, make sure you approach a company that has a wide variety of equipment.
We have a wide range of commercial quality stump grinders to cater to the various sizes of the tree stump as well as the different landscapes where you can find them.
It is a quick and efficient way to remove a stump, and your garden will not be riddled with holes like it would have been if you manually dug the stump and all its roots out.

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So call us today if you have an unsightly stump in your garden that needs to be removed. We will take care of it for you.

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